• Abu Dhabi coastal skyline showing prominent buildings

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The newest addition to our offices is based at TwoFour 54’s new Yas Island campus.

Navigation Films in Abu Dhabi has recently facilitated the series ‘Revive’ as well as continuing to facilitate and produce branded content for clients.

Abu Dhabi offers a large variety of locations, from elegant resorts and ultra-modern skyscrapers to deserts and a large backlot with standing sets. Our location at TwoFour 54 enables clients to access the 30% rebate scheme for qualifying productions.

  • Filming in Abu Dhabi with Arri Alexa camera rigs

Case study

Our most recent office is incorporated within TwoFour 54’s Yas Island campus. The company is able to offer access to Abu Dhabi’s unique mix of deserts, islands and modern architecture combined with a 30% rebate on qualifying productions.