Qasr Al Hosn

We had a wonderful opportunity to work with Timesand Studios, Abu Dhabi and gsmprjct, Canada, on the production of a film for the Qasr Al Hosn festival in Abu Dhabi. The film showcased a series of stories as told by Emiratis who lived in the capital around the historic site before the union of the seven emirates.

The Unknown Known

Navigation Films facilitated filming in Baghdad earlier this year for Academy Award winning director Errol Morris's new film, The Unknown Known, which explores the life of former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Black Sea Productions now open in Tbilisi.

We now have a sister company in Tbilisi, Georgia! Black Sea Productions offers the same quality and level of production quality to our clients who wish to film in Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan. Tbilisi is only a three hour flight from Dubai and is the gateway to a diverse range of locations as well as hosting talented crew and the lastest equipment to cater for any production.

Beautiful valley in Caucasus mountains in Upper Svaneti, Georgia .jpg


The success story of Senaat spans over four decades. As a General Holding Corporation, the company has been at the forefront of industrial development in Abu Dhabi.

Navigation Films was contracted by Timesand  to produce an in-depth corporate film to communicate the diverse industrial sectors Senaat is involved in, as well as its new brand values of being a collaborative, dependable, insightful and dynamic organisation.

All spots were filmed using the Sony C300. Post production in FCP and After Effects.

Empty Quarter Aerial Filming

Navigation Films has just finished facilitating aerial filming for TwoFour Arabia in the deserts of the UAE using the Stab C and RED Epic. 

Stab C Operator – Simon Werry

Technician – Jonathan Jenis

Pilot – Andy Nettleton

Camera – RED Epic