Meet the Team

Director Director of Photography Senior Producer Resume


Director of Photography

Senior Producer


Mike Charlton

Mike has a Masters in Television and Screen Direction. After starting his career in Australian television he moved to London in 1990, working at London Weekend Television and Visnews.
Over the next 13 years Mike worked as a Director of Photography on TV series, reality programs and documentaries for every major US and UK broadcaster. These included a diverse range of reality and documentary programs covering topics such as land issues in the Amazon, New York fire fighters, African Art, the plight of the Tuaregs and the Marathon des Sables through the Sahara desert.
In 2003 he moved to Dubai, UAE, to set up the local branch of Atlas Television before moving on to the launch of Navigation Films in 2010. Mike has filmed documentaries and corporate and broadcast films in the Gulf region and is heavily involved in filming and post – production.



Alex ElChami

Alex joined Navigation Films in 2011 as a Producer. After graduating from art school with a BA in communications in 2003 he pursued his career at several television stations in Beirut and for the last nine years has worked in the UAE with several local and multinational clients.

Alex is multilingual and produces commercials, documentaries, corporate films and has a great passion towards reality shows.

Production Coordinator / Writer   

Production Coordinator / Writer 


Post Production Supervisor

Post Production Supervisor

Akash Kingston

Akash Kingston has worked as an independent writer and director since 2005. During this time his work has been showcased at Cannes and has won at Slamdance (USA).
Akash has a Bachelors Degree in Film Production and has experience in directing producing and assisting. He has been in the UAE for seventeen years





Marianne Zammaria

Marianne has recently joined the Navigation team as Post Production Supervisor. In the coming months, she will oversee the upgrading of our post production facilities to cater for 4K editing and delivery, alongside a new media asset management system.

Senior Video Editor 3d Animation

Senior Video Editor

3d Animation

Video Editor Animator

Video Editor


Mohammed Sohail

Mohammad Sohail started in 2000, as a 3D Animator with fashion channel Style Dunia in Lahore. Progressing to non-linear editing he worked with various production houses editing documentaries, corporate films and commercials.

In 2006 he joined Atlas Television as an editor, enhancing his skills on a large variety of projects including “Atlantis, Creating a New World’ and “Over the Emirates’, before joining the newly formed Navigation Films.




Mobeen Akhtar

Mobeen started his career in Video editing back home in Lahore, Pakistan at a Production house in 2004, where he worked on well known TV channels such as A-tv and Geo TV. Dubai was his next big step which he took in 2007. His exceptional style of editing and handling diverse projects led him to Navigation Films.


Film editing Outside Broadcast

Film editing

Outside Broadcast

Mike Goldschmidt

Michael began his career in production and post production in New York City. After some notable successes in New York he moved to the UAE in 2004 and has continued working for regional and international clients on a variety of productions.

He is keenly interested in film and cartoon culture.